Why Cold Pressed Juice?

The cold pressed juice process uses a hydraulic press to extract the juice from the pulp. Because this process uses minimal heat, the maximum amount of nutrients and enzymes remain intact. This way you are getting the best tasting and most nutritional juice available.

We’ve partnered with Harvest Juicery to bring you delicious juices that aren’t only nutrient-dense but also delicious. Making it a convenient and enjoyable way for busy people to get the nutrients their bodies need.

At Harvest Juicery, all of the fruits and vegetables that go into the juice are organic or locally sourced. They incorporate fresh herbs and spices in each and every bottle that will awaken your taste buds while nourishing your body with healthy juice.

Cleanses are also available through Harvest Juicery and can be ordered to your home or for pick up at Blue Door. Click here for more information.